About Me

Life doesn't have a particularly great narrative structure. There's a clear beginning and an end, but the middle tends to wander. There's just so much material. Films, and especially documentaries, cut that material down to a manageable size, from a few minutes to a few hours, focusing on one particular story. Photographs cut a story down to a single moment, a slim fraction of a second. Art is really all just different types of editing, choosing—or constructing—the best bits to leave in. 

I've wandered from Chicago to Los Angeles and back to Chicago again, and I've learned a lot about editing along the way. I've worked with filmmakers, journalists, designers, book publishers, comic artists, and more than a few circus clowns. I've seen small ideas grow into a life's work, and big dreams realized by a single moment. And I'm still wandering. But these days I'm also working on a story about a small production company with big ideas for media and storytelling in the digital age. Stay tuned for when I have the first draft ready.

UPDATE: Head over to ADPT Productions to see what I've been up to!